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Langhe, Piedmont and Liguria wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Edo

My success and the reason why I want you to choose me is this: I will tell your story, your special day, your love with a young, fresh and natural style.

Edoardo Giorio, wedding photographer in the Langhe, wedding photographer in Monferrato and wedding photographer Liguria

Picture by Alice Mattiello


I am in love with life.

I love to travel – wherever I go I find a piece of myself.

I am addicted to music, especially AC / DC.

I am crazy about Star Wars and LOTR.

I can’t live without pizza.

The wedding photographs will be with you for all your life

There is only you for me, with your strengths and weaknesses that make you unique and I’m sure they are the ones that allowed your other half to fall in love with you. I am interested in your looks, your embarrassed smiles when you look at each other after saying that “yes”, the kisses and the hands that touch as you walk side by side.

My style tries to be as natural as possible and I love the spontaneity of the moments, the authenticity of the people and my creativity.

My base is between Alba and Turin and we can meet in these two cities for a coffee where you will tell me your story and what your wishes are for your most important day.

I am available for Destination Weddings and Elopements all over the world, tell me your dreams and I will find a way!

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My latest works

My best stories are yours.

Bridal photo at Fabbrica Saccardo in Veneto. Fotografo Edoardo Giorio
Elopement in San Galgano Abbey

Francesca and Claudio

Edoardo is a wonderful person who will allow you to get super spontaneous shots that will allow you to relive your day every day of your life❤️ Edoardo was the best photographer we could have had on our wedding day! We got on well right away, due to his professionalism, his organization and his experience: he immediately explained to us in detail how we would organize ourselves, and first of all we did the engagement service, in Cervo, in Liguria: over to have magnificent photos in this magical and spectacular place, it helped us get used to posing in front of the camera, and in this way during the wedding we felt more at ease: we almost didn’t notice the photographs that were taken of us, but the result exceeded all expectations, and the photos of our wedding are splendid!! Edoardo managed to capture the best shots of the locations we had chosen, namely the church of San Paolo Solbrito (AT) and the Cascina Lautier restaurant in Chieri (TO), giving us magnificent memories. During the reception we chose the Take Away Print service, and the guests were very happy to be able to take home wedding photographs printed on the same day. The best thing about Edoardo’s shots is his ability to capture the most special moments of the wedding, without people noticing: in fact, we have some beautiful photographs of families laughing or moved, friends hugging us, and they all turn out spontaneous because you don’t notice its presence. Edoardo was also very good at managing time and space, in fact he was able to find beautiful places inside the restaurant garden to take shots of the two of us as spouses, in this way we didn’t have to keep the guests waiting after the ceremony and before lunch by going to take photos somewhere else: for this too we received many compliments. Edoardo was also very nice and friendly with the guests, because many of our friends had already chosen him and already knew him. I would recommend it a thousand times!! THANKS EDO!

Francesca and Claudio

Sara and Giacomo

We met Edoardo thanks to our two wedding planners, Marta and Silvia, and from the first call, Edoardo immediately struck us with his professionalism, kindness and above all his friendliness.
Edoardo allowed us to materialize our ideas while standing behind a camera.
We were lucky enough to do the pre-wedding engagement service in a magical place for us, the Langhe.
This experience allowed us to be more relaxed and casual behind the camera, but this happened above all thanks to Edoardo because during the shoot we laugh from start to finish and he captures such spontaneous and non-posed photos that we personally loved very, very much.
On the day of the wedding, Edoardo went to shoot first at the groom’s house and then on location with the bride.
We got married at Giardini la Pergola, in Monferrato, a magical location for us and, thanks to Edoardo, every time we see his photos we relive the magic experienced on our wedding day!
During the wedding, Edoardo was spectacular, he took photos where we didn’t even remember those moments, spontaneous photos, even posed photos requested by us, managing to immortalize moments that were fantastic for us.
We decided to take advantage of the take print option, highly recommended because Edoardo printed all the requested photos with super professionalism and the guests appreciated it so much because it allowed them to take away a memory on the wedding day itself.
A month after the wedding we had all the photos.
Edoardo is a wonderful person who will allow you to get super spontaneous shots that will allow you to relive your day every day of your life❤️
Thanks Edoardo ❤️

Sara and Giacomo

Maria and Matteo

We chose Edoardo to tell the story of our wedding and we were really happy with the photos taken. After several estimates we decided on him: as photography enthusiasts we were struck by his natural and sincere shots. We also chose him because from the first meeting we appreciated the person on a human level: friendly, empathetic, attentive and professional. He knows how to put everyone at ease, he knows how to advise but is never intrusive. We did a pre-wedding shoot in Turin, Parco Dora, useful for learning to be in front of the camera and to get to know each other better. We got married in Chieri and the reception was at Ciabot del Grignolin, which is located in Calliano in the province of Asti. Edoardo was of great support in respecting the deadlines during the day, he was able to adapt to unexpected events and was discreet but present throughout.
He took some beautiful shots of us without taking us away from our party for long periods, without ever making the guests wait. At the end of the day everyone complimented us on his discreet, but at the same time friendly and professional presence. Being photo lovers, as a wedding favor we decided to give each of the guests a photo together taken during the day with a personalized dedication, prints made using the Snap and Print service: everyone was thrilled! The photos were delivered on time: Edo gave us some of his favorite prints, a thought that we really appreciated.
Overall we had a really good time, his service was special and we highly recommend him!

Maria and Matteo

Lucia and Alessandro

Edo proved to be a success for our marriage, we found in him great professionalism and seriousness at work, he won us over with his humanity. He is a photographer with a capital F, during these months of waiting he was able to help us through the experience of engagement which was decidedly positive as it allowed us to become familiar with the camera before the big day and we also found enormous success thanks to the option of instant photos which the guests really liked during the evening.

Edo will not disappoint you from a professional point of view, on the contrary you will receive beautiful photos; if you choose him, in addition to all this, you will choose a helper and a true guide for your wedding day, highly recommended.

Lucia and Alessandro

Tina and Philip

My husband and I met Edoardo through our wedding planner in May 2022 before our wedding in September, Edo was extremely friendly and showed us where he would love to take our photos on the day and made meeting him relaxing and so very helpful! On our wedding day in September in Lake Orta San Guilio Edo was beyond amazing! He went above and beyond to cater for myself, husband, children and family. Even tho it rained for our outdoor wedding he found a solution for everything. Edo was so professional and so kind and put our minds at ease on the day and took the most amazing photos. When we received the photos in a special box with prints and a USB which was in a glass bottle it really topped the fabulous experience he gave us. My husband and I are so happy our wedding planner found Edoardo for us and we will cherish the amazing photos he has given us.
If you are looking for a professional, friendly, enthusiastic and amazing photographer then I would not hesitate to book Edoardo!

Tina and Philip

Cecilia and Marco

Edo is the best. We immediately had a great time with him, he put us at ease, he is very professional, nice and very kind. We shot both before our wedding (engagement) and this service was essential to get to know each other better and start to get familiar with the camera. Furthermore, for our wedding, we requested the “take away print” service which was loved by our guests and us. We could not have found a better photographer (and person) for our magical moment. Thanks Edo, for everything!

Cecilia and Marco

Valentina and Andrea

We decided to get married in Piedmont, precisely in the Langhe. The aspects for which I would like to thank Edo once again are undoubtedly his ability to listen to our needs and above all to always offer us at least a couple of alternatives. Moving on to the photographic set, here too, Edo was able to listen to us and involve us, knowing how to accurately grasp all the requests we made. His photos tell a story and are not accidental.
We also benefited from a great additional service: we went a few months earlier to take pictures in the lavender fields. We advise you to think about it because in addition to being a less stressful day than the wedding day, you can take advantage of it to start gaining confidence with the photographer (this is the easiest part with Edo) and the camera.

Valentina and Andrea

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