This year has been a challenge, but at the same time it has been full of opportunities, so much so that it has turned into an extremely happy period for some. The keystone? THE LOVE!

Couple photo shoot at home

Sometimes it is thought that for beautiful couple photos you need only magnificent and truly “instagrammable” places, well that’s not entirely true, photographer’s word!
This lockdown forced us to spend a lot of time in our homes and by doing so we were able to realize that even the home environment is often fabulous for shots that convey real emotions.

Couple photo shoot in Alba

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple on instagram and after listening to what they wanted to do we decided to tell a part of life during the lockdown: with some tricks and an idea we were able to create a beautiful context for photos directly in their sitting room.

Their life as a couple during the first period of the pandemic has passed between cuddles and songs played on the guitar, a cup of tea and a film watched on the sofa: situations that seem hardly photographable and banal but which in reality hide the potential that I hope to be. managed to tell through my eyes.