A couple of dancers, he lives in Germany, she in the Langhe.
When he comes to see her they decide to treat themselves to a shooting session in a different place than usual, we decide together to go to the mountains.

Couple shooting in the mountains

We decide as a destination Elva, in the province of Cuneo, that it rises in a splendid panoramic position, at 1637 m of altitude. Enchanting and unspoiled place. We set off along a path and immediately we find a suitable place for some shots: a beautiful stream, the kind that can only be found in the mountains. The boys get ready and it is immediately poetry thanks to their harmony and their natural refinement of movements, the shots are nothing short of engaging!

Let’s try to reach one of the most enchanting places in the Maira valley: the Fremo CuncunĂ , an incredible rock spur that makes the shots truly unique, unfortunately unreachable due to a landslide. Despite this little unexpected, we find an equally panoramic place for a series of unforgettable shots.

Shoot in breathtaking locations

As I always say to couples who decide to rely on me, I love to move and visit new places: it is a detail of my profession and I love to play with new places and lights. When there is the desire to look for particular places, I am the first to propose them so do not hesitate to ask and we will surely find the one that suits you best.