The best way to visit Paris is to walk as much as possible on foot. The French have a specific term (flâneur), untranslatable into other languages, which is used to talk about this pleasant wandering around the city, experiencing the emotions that the urban landscape offers. In Paris there are streets that seem to have stopped in time, colorful corners where you don’t expect them, sleepy neighborhoods and vineyards in the heart of the city, which can be discovered by walking around.

Wedding in Paris

I believe that few other destinations can be so “photographable”. Arriving at the Trocadéro and literally looking out over the beautiful Eiffel Tower is absolutely a once in a lifetime experience … for me this was also the first time, so I let you imagine the emotion!

Finding my married couple (their wedding here) was an incredible pleasure and seeing them in a “wedding outfit” reminded me of the uniqueness of this kind of photo shoot: reaching places or places that are sometimes far away where you can take unique photographs and unforgettable!

In my idea of ​​this story I decided to also include some Polaroids: the quality is true is perhaps not comparable to digital shots but their charm is nothing short of amazing!

Shooting an elopement in Paris

The beauty of the Trocadéro conquered us and we took advantage of every possible angle and frame with the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower: the weather assisted us with a beautiful blue sky and white clouds, people willing to give us some space to take pictures and finally a beautiful sunset on Bridge Alexander III, a true concentration of art and beauty.